Building Your Own Arcade or Slots Machine

arcade-cabinetAlthough you may think that building your own arcade machine would be a serious challenge, it is actually a pretty simple task in today’s world. There are a few things that you will need to get started, and you may already have some of them at home. If you have an old laptop or desktop computer then you will be halfway to creating your own arcade, slot or pinball machine for your home. The computer is the main instrument to use when it comes to building your entertainment machine, and it will actually be able to do most of the work for you. Basically, you can create your own slot machine by purchasing some attachments for your computer.

Get or Build an Arcade Machine Case

The first thing you will need when you want to build your own slot machine is a new case for your old computer. Depending on your location you will be able to buy an arcade cabinet, however we recommend building one yourself. It is quite an easy task and a lot more satisfactory. Keep in mind there are various styles of cabinets; a bartop will save you the most space, a sit-down cabinet is significantly harder to make, etc. Think about this before going ahead, also remember you can find a lot of information and designs for these on the net. A jukebox style machine with a touchscreen will be your easiest and quickest option.

Of course we assume that when you are wanting to take the effort to create your own entertainment machine, you are a real hobbyist and wanting to walk the extra mile…

USB Coin Acceptor

You can purchase different USB coin acceptors for different kinds of coins; the type you will need will depend on the type of currency that people will be putting into the machine.

Lever or Game Controller

The most important component you will need for a slots machine is a lever! For arcades or multifunctional machines a game controller will do. These kind of USB controllers should not be hard to find on websites such as eBay.

Use a Touchscreen if Possible

Depending on your goal, try to get a touchscreen computer to make things easier. Of course this is not a great option if you are going for an arcade machine; for slot machines, touch screen games (hidden object games, roulette games), pinball games, jukeboxes, etc. a touchscreen is great! You will also be able to skip over purchasing some real buttons for the slot machine (and the electronics part) and additionally we feel the user experience is quite nice.

Get the Right Software

At the end of the day, you still need slot machines software to display on the computer screen. There are plenty of options on Android, Windows and other operating systems, so make sure that you do your research before you make a selection. Once again, a lot of different software can be found online and we recommend tinkering with this yourself. It’s easy to install classic emulators, slots machine software might be slightly harder to find. Pinball games are available in excessivity.

We hope we inspired you just about enough to start planning ahead and to build your own entertainment machine! If you would like a more in-depth tutorial on the process of creating a slot machine then check out this complete guide.