How Smart Is Your Smart Phone?

samsung-galaxy-s3-827041Smartphones have flooded the market for the last decade and the sales are skyrocketing every year. The reason is quite obvious, the technical intricacies have improved in the minuscule level and the smartphones have evolved as the smartest of its kind. Just imagine how wonderful it is to have an MP3 player, a camera, an organizer, a video recorder all packed in a small pocket device. It surely does sound incredible and so it is! The world is at your fingertips if you own a Smartphone. Here is a three best Smartphone camera which is capable to compete with regular point and shoot cameras:

IPhone 5:

One of the most incredible inventions of Apple is its iPhone. The superb technology amalgamated with a touch screen feature makes the device one of its kind. The iPhone 5 has a much improved camera as compared to its other ancestors. The picture quality is pristine and looks as good on the screen as on canvas print or simple paper print. One of the most astounding features of an iPhone is that you can click your own picture with the device all by yourself and do note that it’s not a mirror image! For better understanding you may browse the official Apple site.


HTC one X is an incredible android device which features one of the best 8 megapixel camera which has an f/2.0 aperture and 28 mm lens. Speed, light and focus are well-balanced in this Smartphone device. This site will surely help you decide on the phone:

Samsung Galaxy SIII:

The Samsung Galaxy S III is perhaps the epic invention by Samsung mobile technology. The Smartphone features a rear facing camera which is able to record 1080p video. The hardware works wonders to produce excellent picture quality on canvas prints. Browse this site to know more.

No need of carrying a separate camera, the memorable moments is best captured with the smartest technology of a smart Phone.