Insight into the Future with Emotiv

Modern medicine and its machines are a marvel. Doctors and technicians can look inside the human body and understand intricacies unimaginable only half a century ago. The world is on the edge of another leap forward: this time into the human brain. The seat of emotion and genius, voluntary and involuntary function and dysfunction, the brain is a complex organ, and the one modern medicine commonly admits it knows the least about.

Life-sciences by Tan Le

That could change if Emotiv has anything to say about it. The life-sciences company founded by Tan Le is pioneering the field of portable and affordable medical equipment with the new EmotivInsight. The Insight is a light-weight headset that functions as an electroencephalogram (EEG) – a kind of brain scan that measures the electrical impulses in the brain. The Insight is innovative because the user does not have to be in a doctor’s office to use it; they can wear it while performing everyday tasks.


So, why is this important? As previously mentioned the brain is a mystery. Science and medicine do not know why one person is Autistic and shut off, while another is vibrant and functional. The Insight’s EEG capabilities are able to follow the user’s scans through everyday activities to create usable data for the individual and their doctor.

The long-term effects are indeed far-reaching: early diagnosis for neurological disorders that stray from the baseline, modification of teaching patterns and curricula, and brain training and aptitude testing from an early age to encourage less chaotic and more creative minds, as well as higher IQs for all users willing to put forth the effort. Le’s enthusiasm for her Insight is infectious; she told National Geographic, “The biggest job is to try to get as many people excited about the technology as possible so they can … expand it in their own areas of interest and their own passions.”

Better Memory and Concentration

Our brains are made up of millions of neurons that help us concentrate and remember things on a daily basis. As we get older, our brains tend to lack certain performance skills that are necessary for everyday life. For instance, you may not remember things as well as you once did or your concentration may simply not be there. Brain fitness and training activities for your mind can help tremendously when it comes to improving these functions. Training your brain using both mental activities and the Emotiv can help you to function better throughout the day.

Training your brain using mental activities, the Emotiv and also online aptitude tests is one of the best ways to also improve motor skills and even your IQ score. As stated before, you will begin to lose some of these abilities the older that you get. This is a massive issue for many people who have jobs and families that require them to concentrate or have superior motor skills to get everything done. Training your brain is one of the easiest and beneficial ways to improve your functions throughout the day, making things easier for you both when you’re at work and when you are at home with the family.


There are similarities between brain training and your own IQ level. Many people have found that when they train their brains and practice brain fitness, they are able to raise their IQ score by several points. This is one of the best ways for you to improve your overall thinking, which will make things easier when you are holding a conversation with someone. While most people train their bodies and workout regularly, they often forget about keeping their brains active on a day-to-day basis so that they are able to function better when alone and with other people.

Being able to train your brain may or may not raise your IQ, however, it is important to note that brain training will improve your concentration, memory and even your conversational skills so that you are able to function easier when alone or in public around others who are like yourself.