Online gaming: A few classics for your enjoyment

Classic video games are alive and well in online gaming. These single bit adventures are responsible for today’s video craze. If not for the likes of Asteroids, would we really be jumping up and down about the latest PlayStation or Nintendo system, drooling in anticipation about some almost minor adjustment in technology? Probably not.

Somehow, Asteriods is still very much a great game despite having some of the simplest graphics since Pong. While there are many versions, including 3D and color, the best is still the original black and white.

It doesn’t matter your age or what you’ve played that’s better. If you’re into adventure games, there’s no excuse for never having played The Legend of Zelda . One of the greatest and most influential games in the history of the industry, it combined elements of many game genres that no other game has even come close to matching. Its sequels have done nothing but impress and made huge amounts of money.

Oh, Missile Command, why do we obsess over thee? It surely isn’t the millions of lives that are lost as we lose one city after another. It’s about sustaining them long enough to get top score. While there are high def and 3D spin-offs today, the simplicity of the original still sticks to the heart like a panic attack.

Speaking of Pong, even 40 years later, it can still capture the attention of the most ardent Worlds of Warcraft enthusiast. One of the first video games created, its audience thought it was amazing. All. You Had. To. Do. Was. Wait. To Hit. That. Really. Slow. Moving. Ball. Just. Wait…

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