PC Maintenance : A quick guide

You have your new computer. And it’s a keeper. The best software money can buy. A screen resolution so refined it makes your hands shake. Processing so fast it’s three steps ahead of your keystroke. You almost want to hide it, to protect from the touch of others…

Outsiders aren’t as much a threat to your PC as what can happen inside it. Without effective maintenance, your computer can flip on you while you’re reaching for the mouse. Many have toiled over a damaged PC after the CPU fries for lack of a cleaned fan. If you’ve ever tackled a virus after it’s done its work, you have a true understanding of the phrase ‘virtual nightmare.’ We won’t go into the many that have lost valuable data in a hard drive crash.


Dust and grime build up in all computers. Cleaning the fan can help prevent that. Blowing dust out of the keyboard is quite helpful as well. Vacuums or air cans are best for this. Never spray liquids directly on any part of the computer. Use a dampened cloth. Make sure it’s unplugged. See this link (Techradar) for a tutorial.


There are a lot of conflicts and threats to computers that can do serious damage. Try to keep up with fixes, patches and drivers for your PC. If you’re not on the tech side, set your computer to automatically search and update as needed.

Back Up

Backing up data is unarguably the most important thing anyone can do. Software can be restored. Hard drives can be replaced. Once you’ve lost files, pictures, music, etc., it’s a disaster. There are services that can attempt to recover data but they’re expensive and rarely recover everything. So back up and do so regularly on external HDs, online facilities or in the cloud.

Computer maintenance