Things to consider before buying a new PC

  1. Usability
    What’re you planning to do with the computer? It will help determine specs, RAM and budget. You don’t need a top grade gaming PC if you only browse the Internet from time to time. If you’re a high end user of video production, you’re definitely going to need a fast processing, multimedia option.
  2. Peripherals
    Printers, scanners, cameras, phones, you want to make sure your PC can accommodate your devices. The number of outputs and what kind can have a significant impact on the computer’s price tag. On the other hand, a PC that can’t handle your third party hardware isn’t worth much at all.
  3. Pricing
    There are plenty of options and as many prices. A more expensive model isn’t necessarily the best choice. If you don’t have the cash for a graphics card with 2 gigs of memory, it might be time to downgrade. The best PC is the one that’s going to fill your needs within your budget.
  4. Operating System
    This is one confusing category and it’s something only the best of us can debate. Linux, Mac, Windows, and so on. There aren’t many of us that even know what any of that entails. We can barely get around Windows Professional or Ultimate Editions. Do some investigation and decide what’s probably best for you.
  5. Size and Dimensions
    Others like a large screen for display. Others prefer portable, smaller sizes. Size will affect dimensions and weight. Thinner, lighter models could come without a DVD, which will curtail a number of activities like installing software and watching movies and TV shows.
  6. Processor
    It’s likely one of the more critical components of the unit. The better the processor, the smoother the computer’s operation. The more you expect out of the computer, be it fast rendering of graphics or quick Internet speed, the processor will be critical.

Once you’ve got that PC, maintain its upkeep. See (PC Maintenance: A Quick Guide).

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