Windows Surface, Ready to roll out

Microsoft has finally issued a release date for Surface Pro. There will be two versions, a 64 GB and a 128 GB. Both promise Intel Core i5 processors with full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution display. Both Surface with Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT will run Windows 7 apps. Both versions will come with a Surface pen that utilizes Palm Block tech. They will have the capacity to use Type Cover or Touch Cover.

As a fully functioning PC and tablet, this device and its software will represent a fundamental leap in the personal computer. The pen support will give users that prefer to take quick notes and do extensive document editing a whole new perspective to work from. Palm Block prevents handwriting interruption when a portion of your hand touches the screen. It’s a whole new way to collaborate, edit and create signature work of all types.

Now, of course, the Surface is going to cost a good penny. Some might say too much. It’ is pricier than the most off the comparable Apple products. As a matter of fact, you’d be able to get a fully loaded desktop for substantially less. Of course, you’re paying for the latest software and technology, but, again, you can get all these on the newest desktop for less. So, in the long run, what you are actually paying for is mobility. Is dishing out several extra hundreds of dollars worth it to have your PC in your hand when you’re sitting in the park?

Sales for the Surface are expected to go through the roof. This implies most consumers may think it is worth it. As a business alternative, it probably makes a practical solution. Still, though an admittedly exciting venture, you have to wonder how many are going to buy Surface not because it’s practical but because it’s the latest toy.